Sgt. R. S. Berdine

Property of the Vienna Police Department

Sergeant Rick Berdine was born and raised in Boaz, WV.  Berdine attended Williamstown High School and graduated in 1992.  Rick entered the workforce during his senior year in High School as a “burger-flipper” at the Vienna McDonalds. After graduating High School, Berdine attended West Virginia University at Parkersburg (WVU-P) and continued to work in management at McDonalds to pay for college. Berdine worked hard and graduated from WVU-P with an associate degree in business. After graduating from WVU-P, he began working as an advertising account executive for Ogden Directories, Inc. Rick worked for Ogden Directories for approximately a year and a half, but decided to pursue a career as an advertising account executive for Results Radio. After working in advertising for close to three years, he decided that his true passion was in law enforcement. Sgt.. Berdine then became employed by the Vienna Police Department and graduated the West Virginia State Police Academy in 2001.

    Rick enjoys the many responsibilities of being a police officer, but his true interest lies within the investigative division of the Vienna Police Department.